Why us

At Boyum IT we are passionate about helping our Customer and Partners to expand their knowledge and opportunities in the ERP marked space. We can help you reach new levels of success:

Resources of the Highest Quality

  • Over 15 years of experience in producing and delivering ERP solutions
  • SAP Business One Gold Partner
  • Outstanding custom advisors to support your success
  • Innovation in Program Design and Delivery
  • SAP accelerated programs to implement SAP Business One ERP solution faster
  • Self-study, classroom, online web-based course delivery options
  • Results That Create Sustainable Grows
  • Surveys show that our “38 process” programs can boost production by up to 20%
  • We Eliminate, Automate and Delegate all processes in your company to be the best run company


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Awards and accreditations

At Boyum IT we work hard to continually provide innovative products and services. We have been the proud recipeint of a number of awards and accreditations in the recent years:

2016 - Aquisition of beas group AG

2016 - Demerger and new Company Structure

2015 - Outstanding Sales Performance

2015 - SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP Business One

2014 - SAP Business One Quality Excellence Award

2014 - SAP Business One Outstanding Sales Performance

2013 - SAP Business One Customer Satisfaction Award

2013 - SAP Business One Partner Award: HANA Certification Award

2013 - SAP Business One Partner Award: Quality Excellence

2012 - SAP Business One Quality Excellence Award

2011 - Gazelle Company

2010 - Gazelle Company

2009 - SAP Business One Nordic Partner of the Year

2010 - SAP Busines One Global Solution Partner - Quality Excellence

2009 - SAP Business One Partner of the Year - Denmark

2009 - Tripple A Rating (AAA®)

2009 - Gazelle Company

2008 - SAP Business One - Solution Partner of the Year

2008 - SAP Business One Global Solution Partner - Sales Excellence

2008 - Gazelle Company

2007 - Gazelle Company