Company Culture

Our Company Culture is called "Energy for Life".

Over the past years we have worked focused to create a Nordic culture, based on holistic understanding of our employees' desire for "Work Life Balance". This has resulted in a culture of ambition, called "Energy for Life" which means that we continuously support our employees' mental and physical well-being. Our ambition is clear and we work hard to implement each step.

"LIFE" is a combination of a letter from each of the following words: FamiLy, SocIal, FIT and Excellence.

We Support local sport and charity

At Boyum IT, we believe in the importance of using your body in a good way and we are pleased again to have the opportunity to support local sport  here in the region.

We have chosen to support Hammel Cycling Club.

The club has existed since 1974 and anyone interested in this sport can become a member, both exercise riders and licensed riders.

We also support the soccer team AGF, which has a strong support among the population.