B1 Usability Package (B1UP)

The foundation for the new modules is the superb B1UP - extremely popular and familiar to most SAP Business One partners. Updates and new features relating to SAP Business One usability will still be regularly released for B1UP licensees.

B1UP consists of a number of modules that can be truned on and off manually.

Quick and Easy Customization
(Make SAP Business One suit your customer)
Function buttons (available through right click)
Applies buttons on every window, which enables you to make shortcuts, automate
business processes and easy the navigation through SAP Business One.

Mandatory fields (available through right click)
Make every field in SAP Business One mandatory, enhancing the data quality and
ensuring no data is forgotten.

Item Placement Tool
(available through right click)
Screen designer functionality where you can redesign every form in SAP Business
One. Relocate and hide fields & tabs, enabling that SAP Business One can be customized to suit the individual customers business and processes.

Add & Edit Menus

Create your own menus or rename the existing ones. Make the menu suit your

Tab Control
Define a new tab order in your SAP Business One. Making the entering of data in
SAP Business One faster.

Default Data

Set additional default data for business partner and Items, hereby enhancing the
user friendliness of SAP Business One.


A range of functionalities which enhances the general usability in SAP Business
One. E.g. <Enter> in a document will send the curser to last empty row and not
add the document.

Template system

Create snapshorts of current data for any window and store them as templates for
easy creation of master data and execution of reports. Often used to create and
manage different customer and item groups.

Quick Create

Enables you to create a new item or business partner on the fly in a simple form,
making the user able to focus on the business here and now and not on SAP Business One.

Make Items Read Only
This new module allows you to define items that are read only for any window in SAP Business One.

Enhancement Modules
(Enhance the use of SAP Business One)

B1 Search

Search functionality which allows you to search up to 14 different forms and on row
levels on documents, enabling the customer to find the relevant information fast and efficiently.

Recurring invoices
Enables the SAP Business One to handle invoices which need to be send recurrently. E.g. rent, maintenance, subscriptions. Giving a solid overview of expected income and already invoiced amounts.

PLD Extension
Import and Export reports layouts to XML.

Letter Merge
Merge data from Business Partner Master Data with you own Microsoft Word
(2003&2007) templates. Single or mass letter merge. CRM is enhanced through
the possibility to add activities connected to the merge.

Exchange rates

Online update of exchange rates via the ECB (European Central Bank).

Account Balance

Create account balance reports for customers/suppliers in PDF.

On Site development
(Made for consultants)

B1 Validation system

Defines triggers, can control different conditions and launch universal functions.
The systems allows consultant to perform minor developing tasks directly on site.

Universal Functions

A range of functions which can enhance the use of Business One. Common is that
these functions needs a trigger, either B1 Validation system or universal functions.

Master Data Manager

With the master data manager you are able to perform administration and maintenance tasks on common master data in the current database as a batch. This is done without the need for external tools like Data Transfer Workbench.

Business partners are only one of many data-types you can control. You can in a similar fashion control Item master data, Form-settings and Authorizations.

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