SAP Business One for Project Industries

More and more companies brands feels the impact between the virtual world and the real world. This means that there has come an increasing demand for systems that can help to create that connection between the internet and reality. Therefore, you need to have the best system that can help you do just that. A system that can:

  • increase efficiency
  • make the company streamlined
  • keep track of deadlines and budgets
  • automate processes
  • give you real-time data so you can make decisions on a better basis
  • provide workshop employees access to all relevant documentation like drawings and pictures
  • give you an easy and simple interfaceis adapted to industrial 

400+ COMPANIES can not be wrong

Worldwide there are more than 400 companies already using Variatec as a project management system. The advantage is that the Variatec created for project-oriented companies, and can be customized for your business needs and industry. Maybe there are only parts of the business that is project-based, or a combination of trade, services and projects. Whatever the combination, Variatec gives you the system you need.  The difference between this system and others is that it is connected with your SAP Business One, so you don’t need to have more than one system to manage your business. It provides a flexible and efficient system.

Why Variatec is relevent to you 

The project module is more a just a way to manage your project.The module is namely integrated fully into your accounting system which makes it easy for you to keep the financial overview. With this module you can ensure Milestone billing, so you receive regular payments from your customers and / or partners.The same is true with Cash Flow and Liquidity Management, where the Variatec module gives you control over the economy. Another thing that makes this project management module relevant to you is that it helps you keep track of your resources, your employees and your machines via Gantt map. That way you can  plan your projects better and give your customers a more realistic time frame.


"We provide electromechanical components for ships in all categories. There are strict requirements for supplies accuracy in delivery times, test routines and documentation in all delivery phases. Therefore, we searched for a system that is able to handle all processes, from sales to delivery, shopping for billing.

The system had to be very strong project management, and this part should be 100% integrated with the rest of the solution - sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, etc.

Therefore, we chose Variatec project management module for SAP Business One, because this system can cover all our requirements"

Norwegian Electric Systems 


Would you like to know even more about Variatec projection Manager for SAP Business One, you can download our brochure. Here you can read more about what the module can help you, and learn about other businesses that have had great success with Project Management module.