beas Manufacturing

SAP Business One supplemented by the beas Manufacturing modules provides an integrated solution that is specifically tailored to small and midsize manufacturing businesses. It provides not only fast and easy access to all business information, but also the additional documents and reports required for decision making in all divisions of your company.

Mid-sized manufacturing businesses require high productivity and profitability. Reliable planning, efficient order processing and all-embracing transparency are so important in understanding the products, orders and customers which are making the best contribution.

beas enables a mid-size manufacturing business to improve effectiveness by:

Creating customer quotations that are backed by a detailed costing calculation.

Creating production orders directly from the customer order; early material availability check and material ordering and early scheduling of external parts.

Assured and fast reaction to exceptions through shop floor data collection.

Detailed job costing analysis during and after production, actual costs compared to the planned costs from the quotation.

Manufacturing Basis

The solution supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in different ways – as much as necessary and as little as necessary – exactly enough to ensure that the desired efficiency and flexibility are retained.

The structure of the manufacturing order is at the centre of attention. It provides information at all times about the planning status implementation progress. Manufacturing orders from systems or machines with customer-specific adaptations can, for example, be drafted, planned, released and manufactured stepwise/overlapping:

  • Master Data enhanced for Logistics and Manufacturing
  • MRP and Production for different Strategies / Organizations
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Detailed Planning (Pool Monitoring)
  • Quality Control
  • Precalculation
  • Concurrent and Postcalculation, Work in Progress

Manage your manufacturing business with only one system.

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