Get an easy implementation of your ERP system

When you hear the term ERP and implementation, do you think: "Careful it's probably a long process," "It sounds expensive," "It requires a lot of me"? Maybe you also think of:

  • Initial costs
  • Ongoing operational or maintenance costs
  • ROI and time to value.

These are good thoughts, but in this situation, totally unnecessary. Because we put focus into the ERP implementation where we especially focuses on business interruption effects on productivity and the extent to which the ERP system is accepted across the enterprise.

All this to prevent you will be yet another horror story about the failure of ERP implementations, large cost overruns, delays, disruptions to operations or other serious conditions.

This we can easily say, but we believe it too. Since 2004 we have worked with the implementation of ERP and our enterprise consists of employees whom have proven expertise in ERP implementation.

Implementation options

Are the business growing faster than You can keep up with, then it's possible to implement SAP Busienss One as a hosted solution, in the form of a pay-per-use model that enables you to pay only for the resources that you use.

How long it takes to implement SAP Business One, depends on the size of your business, the type of solution you have chosen and any Add-Ons or adjustments are needed.

The actual process

When you are ready to implement your SAP Business One, we have a proven approach that we use. We always focus on your company and how you have chosen to use SAP Business One. Our process includes:

  • Project Planning
  • Business blueprint
  • The project's realization and go-live

Our certified consultants are of course ready to help if you need support.