About Financing

Leasing is a widespread and highly suitable form of financing for equipment, software and machinery as PC/Servers.

When you choose Boyum IT and the equipment, SG Finans pays the cost price to us and becomes the owner of the equipment.

Your organisation obtains the use of the equipment by paying a rental charge over an agreed period, so that costs are distributed over the period your business can use the equipment and it can generate earnings.

Essentially, all operating and construction equipment that can be entered as a separate unit and depreciated can be financed by leasing. The leasing period for equipment is normally from 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of equipment and what you as a customer want, as long as this is in proportion to the anticipated economic lifetime.

Leasing can be used by all businesses and the public sector.


You can have Boyum IT to contact SG Finans with a query about leasing. Alternatively, you can contact SG Finans directly.

The enquiry is then subject to a credit check. Assuming credit is given, you then receive an offer or certificate of financing.

It is very important that the offer is accepted and returned  BEFORE the equipment is delivered by Boyum IT. When the delivery has been approved, SG Finans pays Boyum IT the purchase price and the leasing agreement begins, with installments invoiced.