SAP Business One for HANA

You are not alone when you keep thinking, "Why is the system so slow?" Why have I spent 20 minutes waiting for the system to run?

There´s nothing worse than having to wait and that´s why HANA was developed. To give you a much faster and stable system, that´s able to load data in memory, and makes it faster.

Most traditional ERP is using a hard disk, which is slow to read and write on to data. 

Why HANA is useful 

There are more than one reason why SAP Business One HANA is an good investment. Just to name a few:

  • Innovative - Your business will be using one single system to manage transactions (creation of orders, deliveries, etc.) and to report. Traditional ERPs usually requires a separate reporting system (commonly called Business Intelligence).
  • Agile – you can get real time business information at Hana speed when you need it so you can clearly define and focus on the right priorities.
  • Insight – Leverage the speed and the single platform (analytics and transaction) for unprecedented insight-to-action capability. Leverage the pre-delivered apps to solve “un-solvable” problems.
  • Efficiency – Empower employees with new innovative information search capability and interactive analytics tools to become more efficient and independent.
  • Value – Prices for small business and designed for scalability, while maintaining a simplified IT landscape. Leverage SAP Business One as a platform to innovate your business and develop competitive advantage.

What you can do with this module

SAP Business One HANA has one purpose: to make it easier for you to access your system and to get to those documents you need - fast. 

HANA can help you with more than you know. But I will here list a few of the things HANA can do for you:

  • Cash flow forecasting in real time

  • Use Google type search to find information in SAP Business One

  • Implement complex Availability to Promise functions.

  • You could open a customer record in SPA Business One and see immediately the sales figures over the past 5 years.

  • SAP Business one, version for SAP HANA is certainly where the future is and the right answer for issues around big data. We are closing the gap from strategy to execution

The next step for you

Built upon SAP’s decades of proven experience, SAP Business One is a complete and integrated world-class enterprise resource planning application that can be flexibly tailored to meet the quickly changing and industry-specific needs of small businesses as they grow.

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, is an affordable, highly-scalable business management solution with seamlessly integrated transactions and analytics on one appliance.

Want to know more? Contact our Sales Manager Kent Sølvsten at ks@boyum-it.com