Get a more effective invoice-process with B1 Print & Delivery

It has never been easier to send and collect documents!

B1 Print & Delivery is an integration to the Crystal Reports (This module require installation of B1UP) and makes it possible to send marketing documents and statements of account from your SAP Business One through Outlook. It saves you lots of time and money.  

With just a click of a mouse, you can create, save, print and e-mail all types of documents from SAP Business One.

The module makes it easy for your employees to send all types of communication with costumers and business partners.

You can send the documents in different formats such as PDF, E-mail or Word and choose any language needed. 




B1 Print & Delivery has numerous advantages

B1 Print & Delivery makes it easy to change the layout of documents.

However, the best benefit is:

  • Minimizing carrying cost
  • Send documents such as: Invoices, Gmail, Hotmail, estimates, and orderes
  • Create an interface for all users
  • Integration to Crystal Reports
  • Mailing lots of statement of accounts
  • You can ensure invoices is distributed 1-2 days faster than by post


And the best part is, you save money plus time


“We send approximately 800 invoices every month, and I anticipate that 80% of these can now be sent with Print & Delivery. With a typical cost of €4 for every invoice that we send out, we will now make a saving of more than € 25.000 per year. Furthermore, we get hold of the correct e-mail addresses that can be used in future contact with our customers.”

Sjur Gilje, Manager, Hjulius AS, Norway

Wanna try B1 Print & Delivery?

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In that way, you and your colleagues can find out how easy this module is to work with.