Manage all data in one place

InterCompany is an Add-On for SAP Business One. It helps you to improve and optimise the flow between two or more databases.

If you work with multiple SAP databases and exchange Master data and documents this module is essential. Because this module makes it possible to synchronise articles, information about business partners and documents, and you only have to maintain all data one place. 

What InterCompany can do for you

One of the big advantages of InterCompany is that it lightens the administration when working with multiple databases.

It's possible to collect articles, customers and/or suppliers in one database so you don't have to maintain different data i different databases. And you can control the commerce between companies so the sales documents are automatically created. 

Why InterCompany

The big question is, why is Intercompany relevant for you?

If you work close with other companies or have multiple databases this module will save you a lot of time, minimize mistakes and optimise commerce and maintenance of master data procedures.  

InterCompany synchronises master data and documents in real-time and when you need to create a sale order it's automatically created in SAP Business One. As a standard feature it's possible to create an alert to be triggered, so the person responsible for handling sales orderes will be informed. 


Here are some good reasons

  • Remove the need to type information in different databases
  • Makes it easier to communicate between two parties
  • Fewer mistakes and errors when sending and handling documents
  • Gives you different pre-defined scenarios
  • Offers the possibility to apply bespoke changes
  • Easy to use for the user customer


You get better control and fewer mistakes because you control the master data central.   

Want to try InterCompany

So, if you think this module sounds like something you need in your company, but you wanna try it first - then I have some good news for you. 

You can try it out for 20 days FREE

So what are you waiting for, go try it out.