CRM for Outlook helps you to be organised

Do you – with only one click - want to be able to have an overview of your entire company?

With CRM for Outlook, you combine sales, administration and customer care in one system.

 The day-to-day- routine will become easier by having all key-activities available in Outlook – because you have it all in just one system.  


It helps to increase productivity and your employees are only a few click away from important information, such as:

  • Sales budget
  • Budgets
  • Customer care


By bringing all your key-activities together in one module, makes it easier to find the necessary information and create an overview of the company. 

Why it is relevant to you

Would you like a working day, where the most basic and important functions in the company are under control? 

If so, CRM for Outlook is what you are looking for.It gives you a unique opportunity to improve the day-to-day routines, so you both save time on projects, increases productivity and improves your customer care 

How is this possible?

It´s, because all your key-activities are combined and they are at all time synchronized with SAP Business One.

That makes it easy to create an overview of the sales-department, your business-partners or to see how the finances are in the company.

If you find it exciting, go download our flyer – here we have written a bit more about CRM for Outlook. Get it here.   


”We sell CRM for Outlook due to the uniqueness, the convincing functionality and ease of use. The user continues to work in a familiar environment and there is no adaptation time..”

Moritz Collin, Consultant

"CRM for Outlook is the perfect CRM integration tool. You can access the right data in just a few seconds directly in Outlook. It is very useful."

Benny Brand, Consultant

Want to try CRM for Outlook?

If you are more a visual type, you can try out the CRM for Outlook module for 20 days – FREE

Then you and your employees can discover by yourselves, how easy it is to work with.