Make SAP Business One work for you

Do you want the opportunity to adjust SAP Business One (SBO) as needed?

B1 Usability Package, or just B1UP, features a number of modules, which increases the SBOs user-friendliness, functionality and flexibility

You can even customize and configure the system so it fits your day-to-day work, and that’s WITHOUT the use of consultants or programmers.

  • B1UP saves you the need of complex development and gives you the opportunity to adjust almost all the modules yourself.
  • B1UP is a series of modules, which you can activate or deactivate – as needed.


Even with just a right-click of the mouse.

Why B1UP is just what you need

Create it after your company’s need

The modules in B1UP is divided in three areas , where each module can be activated by need:

  • Modules that makes it easy to adjust SAP Business One toward the day-to-day needs
  • Modules with extra functionality, like Word integration, Bank integration and control of your subscription
  • Modules that makes it possible for consultants and in-house users to adjust SAP Business One without the need of an developer


If you think it sounds exciting, you can download our flyer, where you'll find a bit more information about B1UP. Download it here

Or visit our solution site, where you'll find even more information and videos about B1UP


.... after using B1UP for few weeks, it’s weird work without it... as SAP Business One look naked when the Add on is not running....”

Yoni Sawransky, Director, IMR, S.A. Panama

"I cannot recommend the add-on enough - Every customer with SAP Business One should have B1UP."

Andrew Phillips, Yuma Limited

Do you want to try B1UP?

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