Let B1 MailChimp give you a good start to your email marketing

Do you use email marketing? If not - start now!

Do you know the feeling of collecting  the email from your customers? Then manual type them in your mailing system. It can be a very slow process.

That´s why we have developed B1 MailChimp (This module require you already have B1UP installed) so it becomes simple to add subscribers in your SAP Business One.

The module synchronies´ your contacts easy and fast into MailChimp. In that, way you ensure your most value costumers becomes a part of your new email marketing.  

Are you familiar with MailChimp? If your not here are 8 facts:

  • It´s a free email marketing software – If under 2000 subscribers
  • It´s easy to add subscribers – manual and to transfer them
  • You can create as many subscriber-list as needed
  • It has a simple sign-up integration to use on your webpage and Facebook page
  • You can design the newsletter, as you like
  • There are statics for all the sent newsletters
  • Easy integration to Google Analytics
  • And it comes with an App – good when you are on the road




That´s why you really need B1 MailChimp

Don´t you wish it were easy to add recipients, read statistics and do it without even opening multiple programs?

Off course you do. That´s why B1 MailChimp is necessary for you.

With this module, you can with a click of a mouse in SAP Business One add a new recipient. And you can click on all your clients whom already is on your mailing list.  

When you send out a newsletter, it´s nice to see who has read it. With B1 MailChimp module, you can click on a recipient and see this person’s click-statistic. 

Would you like to try B1 MailChimp?

Have you become more interested in using MailChimp?

Then you can try our B1 MailChimp module for 20 days - free of charge